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Excite and Engage This Holiday Gift Giving Season with Personalized Rewards

Cindy Mielke | September 26, 2018

Rewarding employees and loyal customers over the holiday season is often fraught with choices: deciding what to give, at what price, and worrying whether the rewards chosen are appropriate and welcomed can make an otherwise joyous season a stressful one.

GC Incentives can take the stress away from holiday gift giving with its easy-to-use GC GiftPass, which offers high value mobile gift card rewards delivered with branding, personalization, and engaging multimedia content, such as animation, music and video.

GC Incentives believes personalization is key to the entire reward presentation. One incentive industry study found that personalization delivers as much as a 6X ROI increase compared to non-personalized engagements, and that 90 percent of consumers indicate that they find personalization appealing. In addition, 74 percent of marketers believe personalization has a “strong” or “extreme” impact on advancing relationships.

Our holiday GiftPass options include themed videos, such as ornaments, a snow globe, a yearbook, or a choice of custom-designed presentations – all featuring personalized messages for each recipient, creating a positive experience remembered long after the holidays are over.

The GCPass allows recipients to choose gift cards from more than 200 brands that best suits their style. In addition, the GC GiftPass can also be saved in a digital wallet so that employees and customers never lose their gift.

GC Incentives has the experience and resources to make holiday gift giving easy yet deeply meaningful, with rewards designed to make a positive impact on those who matter most.  Learn more about our holiday programs, including the GC GiftPass.