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Here’s How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Personal and Engaging

Cindy Mielke | September 24, 2018

Multimedia, mobile solutions boosts excitement, engagement

With the holiday season fast approaching, many companies face the challenge of deciding what to give employees and loyal customers. Most want to avoid dealing with long ordering lead times, sorting and distribution, as well as challenges with choosing a reward that’s expected to please everybody.

The GC GiftPass from GC Incentives offers the ideal solution. The GC GiftPass delivers high value mobile gift card rewards with branding, personalized messaging, and engaging multimedia presentation – animation, video and music,  – that are sure to excite and engage recipients.

Why mobile delivery? According to a 2017 Forbes Magazine report, mobile messaging is the platform of choice for consumers. It’s also the place where they share the most visual content. “Every month, trillions of mobile messages are sent by consumers with 7 to 10 Americans using video, emojis, stickers or GIFs to express their feelings,” says the report.

With more than 200 leading brands to choose from, combined with a variety of holiday-themed, personalized mobile delivery options, the GC GiftPass offers employees and customers the opportunity to take advantage of customer loyalty programs or special offers while shopping for something truly meaningful to them from their favorite merchants.

GC Incentives has the experience and resources to make holiday gift giving easy yet deeply meaningful, with rewards designed to make a positive impact on those who matter most. Learn more about our holiday programs, including the GC GiftPass.